cGMP Deposit

cGMP safe deposit provides cell bank storage that is compliant with current good manufacturing practices.

How to submit material for cGMP Safe Deposit

If you currently have materials stored in ATCC's standard safe deposit that you determine should be handled under cGMP conditions, we can arrange to transfer these materials.

For additional information regarding cGMP safe deposit fees or to initiate a cGMP safe deposit contact ATCC Safe Depository at or call 800-638-6597. Our Services personnel will provide you the cGMP safe deposit fees, cGMP deposit forms and tracking forms required to ship you materials to ATCC.


The cGMP safe deposit services offer secure, confidential storage of valuable materials.


  • Our facility is specially designed for large-capacity storage of cell lines, microorganisms, and other biological materials.
  • ATCC has a long history of safe, trouble-free operation in storing biological materials.
  • All materials are stored in liquid nitrogen tanks equipped with monitoring systems and 24-hour surveillance to safeguard stored material.


  • All rights to cultures remain with the depositor.
  • All information concerning deposited material is retained in confidence.
  • Culture material is available only to the depositor or an individual designated in writing by the depositor.

Optional Special Services

  • One vial of each culture can be returned to the depositor for analysis after a one-week storage period to ensure viability of material received.
  • Standard safe deposit material can be distributed to the depositor or designated individual(s).

cGMP safe deposit enhanced features

  • Dedicated and validated liquid nitrogen tank with access restricted to cGMP-trained staff with QA oversight.
  • Tracking labels for your shipment to ensure segregation of cGMP materials immediately upon receipt at ATCC.
  • Separate storage boxes for each cell bank or multiple banks in one box (depositor's option). Only one customer per storage box.
  • Direct QA supervision of all tank entry and retrieval activities.
  • Dedicated and trained staff.