BCL-2 Family Cell Panel 1 (ATCC® TCP-2100)

Organism: Homo sapiens, human  / 

Organism Homo sapiens, human
Components Neo Jurkat, ATCC CRL-2898
BCL2 Jurkat, ATCC CRL-2899
BCL2 (S70A) Jurkat, ATCC CRL-2900
BCL2 (S87A) Jurkat, ATCC CRL-2901
BCL2 (AAA) Jurkat, ATCC CRL-2902

The Cell Death Pathway BCL-2 Family Cell Line Panels 1 & 2 are useful for the study of cell apoptosis signaling pathways, BCL-2 family member molecular mechanisms, and mitochondrial dysfunction.

Biosafety Level 2

The Cell Death Pathway BCL-2 Family Cell Line Panel 1 is composed of five Jurkat leukemia cell lines that stably overexpress either wild-type BCL-2 or a mutant form of BCL-2.  The BCL-2 mutations include phosphorylation site substitutions S70A, S87A, and a triple subsitution AAA (T69A, S70A, S87A). Mutations have been sequenced and validated by ATCC. 

Product Format frozen 5 cryopreserved cell lines
Shipping Information Frozen
Storage Conditions liquid nitrogen vapor phase