Expression Systems

ATCC Expression Systems match reliable, authenticated cells with their ideal media and reagents to create optimized, easy to use systems for protein expression and virus propagation.

Serum-Free HEK Cell Systems

The HEKPlus Expression System is an all-in-one system that combines HEK 293T/17 SF suspension cells, with xeno-free, serum-free culture medium, the GeneXPlus transfection reagent, and the HEKPlus boost reagent.

Serum-Free VERO Cell System

The new Vero-SF-ACF is adapted to grow in serum-free, animal component-free media, such as VeroPlus SFM and provide the ideal host for the in vitro propagation of viruses.

Host and Packaging Cell Lines

ATCC holdings include an array of host and packaging cell lines of mammalian, bacterial, and insect origin.