Schizoplasmodiopsis pseudoendospora (ATCC® PRA-195)

Organism: Schizoplasmodiopsis pseudoendospora  /  Depositor: FW Spiegel

Strain Designations PBR-G5-1
Phylogenetic analysis
Biosafety Level 1
Type Strain no
Phylogenetic analysis
Medium Medium 2432: wMY (weak Malt Yeast Extract)
Growth Conditions
Temperature: 15-20.0°C
Growth condition: Grown with Serratia liquefaciens ATCC BAA-1466 as food source
Name of Depositor FW Spiegel
Special Collection eumycetozoan

Shadwick LL, et al. Eumycetozoa=Amoebozoa?: SSUrDNA phylogeny of protosteloid slime molds and its significance for the amoebozoan supergroup. PLoS ONE 4(8): e6754, 2009.