Chrysanthemum virus B (ATCC® PV-349)

Classification: Carlavirus  /  Product Format: freeze-dried

Classification Carlavirus
Deposited As Chrysanthemum carlavirus B
Agent Chrysanthemum virus B
Plant research
Biosafety Level 1
Chrysanthemum sp. cv. Blanch
Product Format freeze-dried
Nicotiana clevelandii
Name of Depositor RK Horst
Chain of Custody
ATCC <<--RK Horst<<--P. Noordam

Levay K, Zavriev S. Nucleotide sequence and gene organization of the 3'-terminal region of chrysanthemum virus B genomic RNA. J. Gen. Virol. 72: 2333-2337, 1991. PubMed: 1919520

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