Purified Viruses

High-quality controls you can trust

Obtaining a high-titer, purified virus preparation can be time consuming and tedious. Let ATCC do the work for you! With ATCC purified viruses, you can expect:

  • High titer – Infectious titer of >107 TCID50/mL, CEID50/mL, or PFU/mL
  • Quantified genome copy number – Evaluated by Droplet Digital™ PCR
  • Purity – Ultracentrifugation through sucrose
  • Authenticity – Verified identity and viability

These high-quality products can be used in a wide variety of applications, including basic research, assay development and validation, screening studies, and more. Browse our growing portfolio in the table below!

ATCC® No. Product Description Propagation Host (ATCC® No.)
VR-1492PQ Purified Human gammaherpesvirus 4 - New! B95-8
VR-283PQ Purified Human rhinovirus 16 H1HeLa (CRL-1958™)
VR-284PQ Purified Rhinovirus B H1HeLa (CRL-1958™)
VR-1645PQ Purified Human rhinovirus 1B H1HeLa (CRL-1958™)
VR-1804PQ Purified Influenza B virus SPF embryonated CE, 9 days
VR-95PQ Purified Influenza A virus (H1N1) SPF embryonated CE, 10-11 days
VR-544PQ Purified Influenza A virus (H3N2) SPF embryonated CE, 10-11 days
VR-1838PQ Purified Zika virus strain MR 766 Vero (CCL-81)
VR-1843PQ Purified Zika virus strain PRVABC59 Vero C1008 (CRL-1586)

Respiratory Viruses

Because the symptoms of many infectious respiratory diseases are non-specific, it is imperative that rapid and accurate detection methods continue to be developed. To support this need, ATCC offers a variety of viral strains known to cause respiratory disease in humans and animals.


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Clinical Research Tools

Clinical research is vital in determining the safety, efficacy, and accuracy of tools intended for the prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of disease in humans. To help you evaluate the analytical specificity of your clinical tools, ATCC offers a wide variety of products that support research applications such as drug discovery, toxicity studies, and assay development.

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Nucleic acids

The extraction, preparation, and verification of nucleic acids can often require extensive amounts of time, labor, and expense. To save you time and money, ATCC has developed quantitative nucleic acids for use in inclusivity/exclusivity testing, establishing limits of detection, and validating or comparing test methods.

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