iPS Cell Repository

Make a Contribution —
ATCC welcomes the contribution of research materials to our international resource for scientists. A newly established goal is to offer a broad and comprehensive collection of scientifically relevant iPS cell lines to the research community.

Step 1. To deposit materials into the ATCC Human iPS Cell Repository, you must first contact an ATCC scientist before sending your materials. To determine eligibility, the depositor will be requested to provide the following information:

  • Source of cell line that was reprogrammed and any known restrictions on commercial use of that cell line
  • If derived from tissue donated to your lab then …
    • Documentation of consent for research and commercial use
    • Anonymization of donor identity
    • Donor medical history and other information, such as age, gender, and race
  • Method of reprogramming

Step 2. After you have communicated with an ATCC scientist, you will be invited to complete the Human iPS Cell Repository Deposit Form. The Human iPS Cell Deposit Description form asks you to describe the source of the reprogrammed cells, the method of reprogramming used and how the iPS cells have been characterized. Complete, sign and date the form and send it (as well as any supplemental documents) to:

    American Type Culture Collection
    Attention: Human iPS Cell Repository
    22 Firstfield Road, Suite 180
    Gaithersburg, MD 20878 USA
    E-mail: iPScellinquiries@atcc.org

Step 3. After review of the detailed technical information contained in the Human iPS Cell Deposit Description Form, the form will be forwarded to the licensing group within ATCC. The ATCC licensing group will then contact the Technology Transfer Department within your institution to finalize the Depositor Agreement Form.

Step 4. Upon final acceptance of the Depositor Agreement, a scientist will contact you to provide specific instructions regarding the shipment of the deposit materials to ATCC. You will be notified upon receipt of your deposit material, and again, when your cell lines are available in the ATCC iPSC repository for distribution.

The deposit form can be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Note: Depositors are ultimately responsible for the shipment of deposits to the ATCC and compliance with all applicable government regulations for the packaging and movement of the material.

To deposit materials related to a patent, please contact our Patent Depository for the appropriate forms. ATCC also offers Safe Deposit services for storage of proprietary materials.