Cell Authentication Testing Service

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ATCC has partnered with industry-leader Promega® to offer a complete cell line authentication service utilizing Short Tandem Repeat (STR) profiling. STR profiling aids in the detection of misidentified, cross-contaminated, or genetically drifted cells, which invalidate research results. STR profiling is a rapid, reproducible, and standardized PCR-based method for the authentication of human cell lines. ATCC’s STR report meets requirements for funding, publication, and quality control.


    • ATCC trained experts amplify 17 STR loci plus Amelogenin using Promega’s PowerPlex® 18D System.
    • A comprehensive analysis interprets both karyotypically normal and abnormal cell lines.
    • A no-fuss sample mailer packet is provided with which cells are spotted onto paper and mailed to ATCC using the pre-addressed envelope.

3 Easy Steps

    1. Place an order by clicking the “submit” button
    2. Receive the sample mailer packet in the mail
    3. Spot cells onto paper and mail them back to ATCC
    Results are emailed to you within 5 business days

Reports comprise

    • An easy-to-understand STR allele table, see the  Sample Profile
    • Electropherograms supporting the allele calls at each locus
    • Known reference profiling against the ATCC STR database
    • Comprehensive interpretation of your results