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By Disease / Model

ATCC offers a wide assortment of cell cultures and microbial strains to support disease-based research in several key areas, such as cancer research and infectious disease.
Human Breast Cancer cell dividing


ATCC cultures are critical to the discovery and development of new, improved, and emerging scientific advances in the field of cancer research.
Photomicrograph of Chordoma cells

Rare Disease - Human Chordoma

ATCC has these cell lines available to the drug discovery community as in vitro tools to study and develop effective treatments for chordoma.
CRL-4013 PDL_01-02_CFTR

Genetic Disease Research

ATCC provides a wide array of cell lines from genetic diseases, such as Down's Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, Cri du Chat Syndrome, and Marfan's Syndrome.
Shigella flexneri invading embryonic stem cell

Infectious Disease Research

Browse a wide array of cells and microorganisms used in infectious disease research, including emerging, respiratory, and blood borne diseases.

Metabolic Diseases

Browse our collection of cell lines isolated from tissues such as the liver, pancreas, adipocytes, preadipocytes, kidney and pituitary.
Pancreatic cancer cells

Tumor/Normal Matched Cell Line Pairs

Tumor-derived cell lines matched to either normal or metastatic cell lines obtained from the same patient provide a valuable resource for cancer studies. The availability of such models allows researchers to compare tumor lines to their normal counterparts.
Lung cancer cells

Respiratory Diseases

ATCC offers a wide array of cell lines isolated from normal and diseased respiratory tissues, such as the trachea and lung.