Cell Lines

ATCC was entrusted with its first cell line in 1962 and has consistently attained the highest standards and used the most reliable procedures to verify every cell line since. The ATCC Cell Biology Collection is one of the largest bioresources in the world, and offers a complex array of human, animal, insect, fish and stem cell lines from which to choose.

Animal Cells

ATCC provides investigators with a comprehensive selection of animal cell lines from over 150 different species.
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Cell Lines by Genetic Mutation

ATCC has created gene mutation lists based on the ATCC tumor cell line collection and known mutation information maintained in the Sanger Institute COSMIC database.
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Human Cells

ATCC maintains nearly 4,000 cell lines that are invaluable for public health research, including cancer models such as HeLa, OVCAR-3 and LNCaP. ATCC cultures are critical to the discovery, invention, and development of new, improved and emerging scientific advances.
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Human Primary Cells

The ATCC Primary Cell collection includes quality primary cells, along with the media, reagents, and relevant information needed to support the successful culture of primary cells.

Misidentified Cell Lines

Learn more about cell cultures that have been deemed misidentified through routine STR analysis and cytogenetic studies.