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Culture Reagents

ATCC high-performance media, sera and reagents are recommended for best results and are uniquely formulated according to cell growth recommendations of original cell line depositors and ATCC cell culture specialists. These high-performance products are the same reagents used to culture and distribute ATCC cell lines, virtually guaranteeing successful cell culture.
Vita cell set


ATCC offers an assortment of antibiotics pre-mixed in a ready-to-use format, allowing you to customize the conditions required for your lab.

Buffers and Stains

ATCC offers a number of commonly used cell culture buffers, stains and dissociation reagents. These reagents meet the needs of researchers in the areas of maintaining, visualizing, and processing of the cultured cells.


ATCC offers an array of products to successfully cryopreserve your cells and microbial cultures.

Media bottle

Dissociation Reagents

ATCC offers a variety of dissociation reagents for continuous and primary cell cultures.
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Feeder Layer Cells

Feeder cell lines, including antibiotic-resistant lines, are tested and validated on multiple stem cell lines for safe and robust stem cell culture.
ATCC bag

Hybridoma Development

Hybridoma fusion and selection reagents are designed to assist fusion and select hybridomas from among normal cell populations, respectively.
ATCC label


ATCC media is the best way to guarantee robust cell growth especially when reviving cells from cryopreservation.
Molec grade water bottle

Molecular Grade Water

A distilled, deionized, sterile-filtered water appropriate for all molecular biology procedures, including PCR. It's ultrapure and DNase, RNase and protease-free.
Streptococcus pneumoniaeImage, Dr. Mike Miller, CDC

Pneumococcal Polysaccharides

ATCC offers 24 types of purified pneumococcal polysaccharides that can be used to study pneumococcal disease biology and in immunological research. ATCC's pneumococcal polysaccharides are purified and are the same serotypes found in vaccines against pneumococcal diseases world-wide.
2 bottles of serum


Animal sera contain variety of growth factors, cytokines, and proteins required for in vitro cell culture. When used at appropriate concentrations, serum supplies many of the defined and undefined components shown to satisfy the specific metabolic requirements of cultured cells.
PCS-99 Super group 1 All reagents


ATCC offers porcine gelatine as well as CellMatrix™ Basement Membrane Gel, tested to control cell proliferation, differentiation, migration, polarity, and survival.
Trace mineral supplement box and 1 vial


Media supplements and antibiotics from ATCC allow you to customize the growth conditions for your cells.

Transfection Reagents

ATCC offers an assortment of transfection reagents suited to a wide array of cell types.