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  • Over 90 years’ experience focused solely on Biomaterial services and management
  • Largest, most diverse collection of standardized biological materials.
  • Scale production from several vials up to 1000s of vials
  • Extract, produce and purify related biologicals such as quantitated nucleic acids, and provide alternative formats such as cell pellets, FFPE samples and inactivated microbial strains
  • Customized laboratories, including BSL-3 containment facilities
  • Fill and finish both small and large-scale cell line production
  • Global reach to 150 countries and a network of distribution partners

Deposit Services

We provide a portfolio of deposit services. The General Collection and Type Strain Deposit Services allows researchers to share material around the world. The Patent Deposit meets specific rules of the US Patent and Trademark Office and the Budapest Treaty on the International Recognition of the Deposit of Microorganisms for the Purposes of Patent Procedure.

General Collection Services

Type Strain Deposit Service

Patent Deposit Service

Custom Solutions

We help you develop, manufacture, preserve, store, and/or distribute a variety of cells, microbes, and other biomaterial that you need for your custom applications.

Assay-ready Cells

ATCC & BioAgilytix Partnership

Biorepository Service

BioEscrow® Service

Cell & Microbial Banking

Cell & Microbial Authentication

Controls & Derivatives

CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing

Custom Services Terms & Conditions

Cell Line Characterization

We offer a range of authentication testing services designed to ensure consistency and reliability of your research data.

Cell Authentication Testing

Mouse Cell Line Authentication Consortium

Mycoplasma Testing