Human STR Profiling Cell Authentication Service

STR profiling aids in the detection of misidentified, cross-contaminated, or genetically drifted cells, which invalidate research results.

An authentic cell line is a cell line of a specific species that retains its unique functionality and characteristics. Cell line authentication is a set of tests intended to demonstrate that a cell line is what it is reported to be. Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Profiling is a form of intraspecies cell line authentication that looks for the variation of tandem repetitive sequences in your cell line. STR profiling is rapid, reproducible, and uses a standardized PCR-based method for the authentication of human cell lines. ATCC’s STR report meets all requirements for funding, publication, and quality control. Learn more about the importance of cell line authentication.

What sets our STR Profiling service apart from the competition?
  • ATCC trained experts amplify 17 STR loci plus Amelogenin.
  • A comprehensive analysis interprets both karyotypically normal and abnormal cell lines.
  • A no-fuss sample mailer packet is provided with which cells are spotted onto FTA paper and mailed to ATCC using the pre-addressed envelope.
Select your STR Service
What you get in return:
  • An easy-to-understand STR allele table (i.e.Sample Profile)
  • Electropherograms supporting the allele calls at each locus
  • Known reference profiling against the ATCC STR database (creation of an STR profile for your human cell line compared to our human cell line database)
  • Comprehensive interpretation of your profile in a PDF format
How do you submit your project to ATCC for STR Testing?
  1. Place an order by selecting one of the service options below.
  2. Receive the sample mailer packet in the mail.
  3. Spot cells onto the paper and mail them back to us. (View Sample Instructions)

Results will be emailed to you in a PDF format.

Watch the video on how to submit your sample:

Order FTA Collection Kits/Service:
ATCC No. Description Size Price  
135-XV FTA Sample Collection Kit for Human Cell Authentication Service 1 Kit $195.00 View
135-XV-5 Save 5% — Order a Set of 5 FTA Sample Collection Kits for Human Cell Authentication Service 5 Kits $975.00   $926.00 View
135-XV-10 Save 10% — Order a Set of 10 FTA Sample Collection Kits for Human Cell Authentication Service 10 Kits $1950.00   $1755.00 View
135-XV-20 Save 20% — Order a Set of 20 FTA Sample Collection Kits for Human Cell Authentication Service 20 Kits $3900.00   $3120.00 View

* Please keep in mind that cell line authenticity is tested by comparing sample cell lines’ STR profile with ATCC’s human cell line database. If your cell line is unique, and originates from sources other than ATCC, we can still create STR profiles and compare them with ATCC STR Database. However, we will not be able to prove those cell lines are authentic or not.