Food Microbiology Proficiency Testing Program

An ISO/IEC 17043:2010 accredited program from LGC that supports the analysis for pathogens, indicator organisms, spoilage organisms, and normal background flora.

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Energize your Regenerative Medicine Research

Highly characterized, zero-footprint iPSCs representing ethnic and gender diversity, different reprogramming methods, and various genetic diseases.

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Looking for controls to use with your VITEK® 2 cards?

Try ATCC® Minis! Check out our newest ATCC® Minis that support your clinical assays!

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Transfection Tools

Harness the power in your cells with ATCC transfection products

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Why risk it?

Your research, funding, and global reputation are too important to leave to chance. Combat cell line misidentification with rapid, reliable, and universally accepted ATCC’s Short Tandem Repeat cell line authentication testing

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Variety is the spice of life!

Maintain outstanding food safety programs with a diverse selection of microbial reference strains, nucleic acids, reporter-labeled controls, and proficiency testing programs.

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Cell Biology Collection

High performance cells and culture systems to support your research.

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Microbiology Collections

High quality microbial research & validation start with ATCC.

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Learning Center

Technical literature and presentations.

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