Clinical Virology Symposium

American Society for Microbiology

5/3/2020 — 5/6/2020

Booth #509

Palm Beach County Convention Center

West Palm Beach FL


The ASM Clinical Virology Symposium brings together top biomedical scientists, physicians, and laboratorians to discuss the latest in diagnostic virology, vaccine development, molecular diagnostics, and more!

Virome Standards

Although there is an abundance of studies on the human bacterial microbiome, there are a limited number of reagents and publications focused specifically on the virome. In support of this burgeoning field of research, ATCC has created virome standards comprising genetically diverse and clinical relevant viruses. Optimize your virome studies with credible standards.

High-titer Viruses

Obtaining a high-titer, purified virus preparation can be time consuming and tedious. Don’t let viral purification limit your scientific progress—start your research with authenticated, high-titer, purified viruses from ATCC. From assay development to screening studies, these high-quality materials are essential tools for your innovative research.

Synthetic Nucleic Acids

Accurate and sensitive detection methods are critical for controlling the spread of highly infectious pathogens. However, the development and validation of these assays are limited by the availability of precisely quantified controls. To address this issue, ATCC has developed quantitative synthetic molecular standards representing clinically relevant strains.