Implementation of the VITEK®-MS and its Use in Microbial Identification


The rapid identification of microorganisms is a great advantage for industrial and clinical laboratories. In the 150 year history of microbial identification, many techniques have been used to authenticate microorganisms, including biochemical analyses, sequencing, and functional testing. The techniques vary in turnaround time, complexity, accuracy, and specificity. The VITEK®-MS is a recent addition to the arsenal of identification technologies. It brings to the field a very simple user interface, rapid turnaround times, and flexibility in expanding a database to suit the user’s needs. In this webinar, we will discuss current methods of microbial identification and how VITEK®-MS compares to these methods with regard to complexity, turnaround time, sample preparation, and ease of interpretation.


Katalin Kiss

Katalin Kiss, Ph.D.,
Manager, Scientist, Laboratory Testing Services, ATCC