STR Profiling for Human Cell Line Authentication


Over the past few decades, much has been written about the misidentification of cell lines, primarily human cell lines. It is not unusual that studies of the ‘same’ cell lines performed by different laboratories often show different results using the same methodology. Thus far, numerous cell lines are known to be misidentified due, in part, to a lack of adequate testing. The financial loss incurred by using misidentified cell lines is estimated in the millions of dollars. Cell line authentication is crucial; however, the scientific community seems indifferent about the consequences or wanting to take steps in preventing it. The validity of scientific data demands that consistent and unequivocal verification of cell line identity is precise. To alleviate these concerns, the implementation of best tissue culture practices to include routine authentication of human cell lines by STR profiling is highly recommended by funding agencies, journal editors, and scientific societies.


Yvonne A. Reid, Ph.D.

Yvonne Reid, Ph.D.,
Consultant, Scientist

Yvonne A. Reid, Ph.D., is a Consultant and former employee at ATCC. Dr. Reid has been at the forefront of developing and standardizing methods to characterize cell lines by enzymology, karyotyping, and more recently DNA profiling, and to propagate, cryopreserve, and track validated batches of thousands of animal cell lines and strains. These validation protocols have been adopted by cell banks around the world. In addition, Dr. Reid has been heavily involved in developing guidelines for authenticating cell lines and cell types.