ATCC Quantitated Nucleic Acids

Empowering Molecular-based Assay Development


Abstract: Molecular diagnostics are increasingly relied upon to direct appropriate therapies for the personalized treatment of cancer patients as well as to identify, track, and quantify pathogenic microorganisms. To ensure the reliability and reproducibility of these assays, authenticated controls with confirmed identity, stability, and functionality are required. In this presentation, we will discuss our growing portfolio of quantitative nucleic acids that have been purified or synthetically derived from characterized cell lines and microorganisms. With next-generation sequencing verified gene mutation allelic frequencies and virulence genes, as well as Droplet Digital™ PCR quantified absolute copy numbers, ATCC quantitative nucleic acids provide reliable and sustainable controls for oncology molecular diagnostic assays, infectious disease research, and quality control testing.

Key Points:

  • Human genomic DNAs with known mutational allelic frequency and copy number variation are essential control materials for developing molecular diagnostic tests
  • Quantitative microbial nucleic acids are critical for the development of assays designed for the detection and quantification of pathogenic strains
  • ATCC quantitative nucleic acids are ideal for use in inclusivity/exclusivity testing, establishing limits of detection, and validating or comparing test methods


Fang Tian, Ph.D.

Fang Tian, Ph.D.,
Lead Scientist, ATCC Cell Systems

Dr. Fang Tian, Lead Scientist, head of the Translational Cell Biology Group for ATCC Cell Systems, has extensive experience in cell biology and molecular biology. She oversees human, animal cell lines and hybridomas, and product development in the Cell Biology General Collection at ATCC. Dr. Tian was a research fellow in Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. She conducted postdoctoral research at the Hillman Cancer Institute of UPMC.

Cindy Long

Cynthia Long,
Product Line Business Manager, ATCC Microbiology Systems

Cynthia Long, Product Line Business Manager, ATCC Microbiology Systems, has comprehensive experience in the medical device space, biological sciences, and business development. At ATCC, she oversees the development of microbiological and molecular products that support assay development, quality control testing, and research on infectious diseases. Ms. Long has a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from Miami University.