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Animal Cell Culture Guide

Animal Cell Culture Guide

Primary Cell Culture Guide

Primary Cell Culture Guide

Stem Cell Culture Guide

Stem Cell Culture Guide

Cell Culture Guides

Animal Cell Culture Guide — tips and techniques for continuous cell lines (1.07 MB/.pdf)

Cryopreservation Technical Manual (404KB/.pdf)

hTERT Immortalized Cell Culture Guide — tips and techniques for culturing hTERT immortalized cells (1.06 MB/.pdf)

Organoid Culture Guide — tips and techniques for organoids (2.46 MB/.pdf)

Primary Cell Culture Guide — tips and techniques for culturing primary cells (784 KB/.pdf)

Stem Cell Culture Guide — tips and techniques for culturing stem cells (2.36 MB/.pdf)


Application Notes

Application Note No. 1: 3T3-L3 Cells — 3T3-L1 cells lose contact inhibition and adipogenic potential when maintained in cult ure at confluence. (972KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 2: Tips for successful sub-culturing: Dissociation Method — Tailoring your dissociation method to your cell line. (523KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 4: CellMatrix Basement Membrane Gel — CellMatrix Basement Membrane Gel supports in vitro angiogenesis assays. (980KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 6: Universal Mycoplasma Detection Kit — check your cultures for mycoplasma contamination. (972KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 8: Telomerase-immortalized microvascular endothelial (TIME) Cells — Growth rate and endothelial character are better maintained in ATCC® VCBM -VEGF medium. (968KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 14: Human Bronchial/Tracheal Epithelial Cells  — Improving Functional Studies. (530KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 16: Differentiation and expansion of hematopoietic precursor cells from bone-marrow derived CD34+ progenitors — (512KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 17: htert-immortalized and Primary Keratinocytes Differentiate into Epidermal Structures in 3d Organotypic Culture (500KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 19:  In vitro angiogenesis assay using the ATCC® Angio-Ready™ System (4.11MB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 21:  In vitro differentiation of macrophages and dendritic cells from primary human CD14+ monocytes (510KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 23: Comprehensive Gene Expression Analysis and Neurotoxicity Testing of Human iPSC-Derived Neural Progenitor Cells and Neurons (2.8MB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 24: Establishment and Characterization of a Kidney-Drug Interaction Model by Stably Expressing hOAT1 in HEK 293T/17 Cells (732KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 25: The Generation of an EML4-ALK Fusion NSCLC Isogenic Cell Line Relevant for Drug Discovery and Development (432KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 26: Directed differentiation of gastrointestinal epithelial organoids using ATCC® CellMatrix Basement Membrane from multiple human ATCC iPSC lines (748 KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 31: A simple and rapid alternative to 51chromium or fluorescent dye loading for quantification of natural killer cell activity: ATCC® K-562-GFP™ cells (322KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 32: Genetically Modified Renal Proximal Tubule Epithelial Cells (3.63MB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 33: Protocol for the thawing, expansion, and cryopreservation of mouse small intestinal organoids (2.37MB/.pdf)

Video Resources

ATCC Excellence in Research Recorded Webinars — Each webinar features highly experienced Scientists who demonstrates how to utilize ATCC products and services to advance your research!

Technical Bulletins and Culture Tips

How to Revive Cultures

Technical Bulletin No. 3: Cryogenic Preservation of Animal Cells (50.2KB/.pdf)

Technical Bulletin No. 4: Guide to Subculturing Cell Line Monolayers (47.8KB/.pdf)

Technical Bulletin No. 7: Passage Number Effects In Cell Lines (220KB/.pdf)

Technical Bulletin No. 8: Cell Line Authentication Test Recommendations (483KB/.pdf)

Technical Bulletin No. 9: Chemically-induced Differentiation of ATCC® CL-173™ (3T3-L1) Using Single Component Commercially Available Reagents  (61KB/.pdf)

Technical Bulletin No. 10: Lymphocyte Transformation Using ATCC® VR-1492™ (241KB/.pdf)

References and Additional Publications

Human Primary Cell Infographic (2.62MB/.pdf)

Selected References Regarding Cell Culturing (662KB/.pdf)


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