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Shift from consensus to discernible

As scientists, we strive for impactful, reproducible research. Yet, the ability to accurately interpret results and make insightful correlations is limited by the lack of reliable genomic information tied to authenticated reference materials.

It is time to shift research from the consensus to the discernible. That’s why we are providing researchers with reference-grade genomes matched to authenticated ATCC strains.

And, we are taking our commitment even further by making these genomes and supporting metadata publicly available on our easy-to-use, open-access ATCC Genome Portal. You can easily search, access, and analyze hundreds of high-quality genomes—all you need to get started is an account. Be sure to regularly check the portal as we are continuously adding genomes.

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The portal

Your research is important, and you need answers fast. The ATCC Genome Portal makes it easy to find the high-quality whole-genome sequencing data needed for your research. With this cloud-based experience, you can easily:

  • Download the genome assembly FASTA files you need 
  • View annotations in a linear genome browser or download GBK files 
  • Search for genomes by using your own genomic sequence

With high-quality, annotated data, you can find the answers you need in less time!

ATCC Genome Portal

We developed tools to highlight how easy the ATCC Genome Portal is to use and incorporate into your research analysis.

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Our approach

While recent technological advancements have enabled the generation of vast amounts of whole-genome sequencing data, publicly available reference genomes often lack quality, completeness, authenticity, accuracy, and traceability. The reliability of these data are further called into question as they may have been generated using untraceable cultures and older methodologies. That’s why our Enhanced Authentication Initiative was focused on developing a standardized genome sequencing and assembly workflow to provide researchers with the whole-genome sequences of the specific, authenticated materials needed to generate credible data.

ATCC Genome Portal

Our optimized methodology uses a hybrid assembly approach that combines the power of highly accurate short reads with the revolutionary scaffolding ability of ultra-long reads. We then took our workflow one step further by accompanying each stage of the process with rigorous quality control analyses that ensure our data are the highest quality possible. Only the data that passes all quality control criteria are published to the ATCC Genome Portal.

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Your need

For scientists to make insightful correlations, they need access to rigorously validated reference genomes tied back to credible biological materials. However, current publicly available, consensus-driven genomic sequences often lack authenticity, quality, completeness, or traceability, which can compromise those insightful correlations. This problem is exacerbated by the absence of standardized methods for developing and validating reference-quality genome sequences.

That’s why we have made a commitment to the scientific community to provide reference-quality, whole-genome sequencing data through the ATCC Genome Portal. Our Enhanced Authentication Initiative not only enriches the characterization of our biological collections by using next-generation sequencing but also includes making those data available to everyone.

Your research is important and we want you to be completely confident in your results. Discover how our approach to enhancing authentication can help you improve the reproducibility of your data.

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