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How to Initiate, Expand, and Cryopreserve Organoids

Culturing organoids can be intimidating, as these 3D organotypic models require many additional considerations compared to traditional cell growth techniques. Discover how ATCC scientists have used their expertise to create a video tutorial that contains everything you need to know about the initiation, expansion, and cryopreservation of organoids in embedded 3D culture.

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Culture Guide

Organoid Culture Guide

The use of organoids in biomedical research is on the rise; however, cultivating these models is complex compared with traditional, 2D culture. To help researchers get their organoids growing, ATCC scientists have compiled a culture guide for the 3D culture of human primary tissue-derived organoids starting from cryopreserved material. Read the culture guide to learn more.

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Human Cancer Models Initiative

Advanced culture technologies have generated cancer models that better capture the complexity of tumors compared with existing cell lines, lending further credibility to your research. ATCC is collaborating with the Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI) to offer scientists a wide variety of next-generation models, including organoids. Browse our HCMI resources to learn more

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Cancer Research and Development Tools

Credible cancer models lead to incredible breakthroughs in translational research. To this end, ATCC is dedicated to providing materials and standards for drug screening, tumor mechanisms, and diagnostics. Be notified about the latest models and browse our Cancer R&D Tools to find the appropriate model for your research goals.

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