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Microbiome Research

silhouette of a human head that is made up of microorganisms

Mock Microbial Communities

Mock microbial communities comprising genomic DNA or whole cells.
DNA illustration on blue background

Spike-In Standards

Microbiome controls with unique, easily identifiable genetic tags.
Staphylococcus aureus

Site-specific Standards

Mock microbial communities comprising bacterial species observed in normal and atypical microbial communities found on or within the human body.
Influenza virus

Virome Standards

Mock microbial communities representing genetically diverse and clinically relevant viruses.
Aspergillus, Janice Haney Carr, CDC

Mycobiome Standards

Mock microbial communities comprising fully sequenced, characterized, and authenticated fungal species.
Human Microbiome Project

Human Microbiome Project

Microbial strains isolated from the human microbiome.
blue microbes illustration

Anaerobic Bacteria

There are numerous types of anaerobic bacteria with various atmospheric and nutritional requirements from clinical gut and wound isolates to environmental extremophiles.