Food Testing Reference Strains

Food processors look to ATCC brands to provide the top-quality microbial strains needed for the maintenance of outstanding quality control assays to ensure food safety and food quality.

Food Testing
In the United States, foodborne illnesses are estimated to affect tens of millions of people and kill thousands every year. Moreover, these outbreaks annually pose a multi-billion dollar economic burden associated with healthcare expense, productivity losses, product recalls and liability, disease surveillance, and outbreak response.

To protect the quality and safety of consumable commodities, food manufacturers rely on the use of high-quality reference materials when testing products, raw ingredients, and associated equipment for microbial contamination. ATCC is aiding in these efforts by providing an expanding collection of cultures and nucleic acids that support:

  • Quality control testing procedures
  • Process validation
  • Development of new methods for testing food products

ATCC Genuine Cultures® and ATCC® Genuine Nucleics are high-quality, authenticated materials backed by meticulous laboratory procedures that ensure purity, identity, integrity, and functionality. Check out the resources below to find materials that support current guidance for industry, strains with research applications relevant to food production, and nucleic acid preparations for use in the development and evaluation of quality control assays.

Please note that per the terms of the ATCC Material Transfer Agreement, ATCC Materials are not intended for use in humans.

Food Quality Control

Minimally passaged microbial strains with confirmed identity, viability, and purity are important in ensuring food safety and food quality. To aid in the identification and prevention of foodborne outbreaks, ATCC provides fully characterized quality control reference strains necessary for the microbiological analysis of consumable products.


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Reporter-Labeled Controls

ATCC has developed GFP- and luciferase-labeled strains for food testing applications. These strains offer an efficient and reliable method to distinguish control strain cross-contamination from true contamination, and are appropriate for use as positive controls in quality control assays.


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ATCC® Genuine Nucleics

Throughout the years, the use of rapid microbial methods in food testing has steadily grown to meet increased testing needs. To support this research, ATCC provides a growing assortment of microbial nucleic acids. Browse our complete collection of ATCC® Genuine Nucleics, then use the left-hand navigation tool to search for products by species.


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