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Fungal and Yeast Genome Sequencing Strains

  • Candida tropicalis (Castellani) Berkhout (ATCC® 750)

    ATCC® Number: 750

    Deposited As Monilia tropicalis (Castellani) Castellani et Chalmers
    Alternate State: Candida benhamii Novak et Vitez; Candida vulgaris Berkhout; Monilia murmannica Plevako et Cheban; Mycotorula japonica Yamaguchi; Trichosporon lodderi Phaff et al.
    Designation: [1909, ATCC 4563, ATCC 7349, CBS 94, CCRC 20520, IFO 1070, IFO 1400, JCM 1541, NRRL Y-12699, NRRL Y-12968, NRRL Y-607]
    Product Format: freeze-dried

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    Utilizes phenol, catechol and 3- and 4-methylcatechols as sole carbon source
    Esterase activity
    MIC of 2-hydroxychalcone, 75 mcg/ml
    Adherence to lysophospholipids
    Genome sequencing strain (Genolevures Consortium, France; Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK).
    For additional infromation, see CLSI M27-A2 (Reference Method for Broth Dilution Antifungal Susceptibility Testing of Yeasts; Approved Standards-Second Edition).
    Mitochondrial genome sequenced strain
    Type Strain: yes
    Biological Safety Level: 1
  • Chaetomium globosum Kunze : Fries (ATCC® 6205)

    ATCC® Number: 6205

    Alternate State: Chaetomidium japonicum
    Designation: QM 459 [1042.4, CBS 148.51, CBS 161.52, CEB 1218.1, CEB 1218.2, CECT 2701, DSM 1962, IFO 6347, IMI 45550, MUCL 1984, NRRL 1870, UPSC 3159, VTT D-81079]
    Product Format: freeze-dried

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    Genome sequencing strain (Broad Institute, USA).
    Type Strain: no
    Biological Safety Level: 1
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