CRISPR ToolBox Cells

Researchers developing their own in vitro models via CRISPR genome-editing technology lack ready-to-use tools to quickly, simply, and accurately generate their cell of interest. The do-it-yourselfer must introduce the Cas9 enzyme and then validate its functionality before generating a gene-edited cell line. ATCC now provides researchers an efficient toolbox to accomplish their research needs: stable cell lines that constitutively express the CRISPR Cas9 nuclease. These ready-to-use cell lines enable researchers to carry out CRISPR genome editing and CRISPR interference (CRISPRi) applications with high efficiency, thereby simplifying the genome-editing workflow and getting you closer to data acquisition.

  • Simplified workflow – only sgRNA needed
  • Reduces steps to data aquisition
  • Cas9/dCas9 expression validated
  • Target gene expression knock-down validated
  • Minimal effects on target cell physiology
  • Parental cells available as the ideal control
  • CRISPR-edited Isogenic Cell Lines

    Isogenic Cell Lines

    By utilizing CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, ATCC offers advanced isogenic cell models with cancer mutations such as the EML4-ALK fusion lung cancer cell line and BRAF inhibitor-resistant melanoma cell lines. These cell lines are ideal in vitro models for anti-cancer drug screening.

    Custom Genome-editing Service

    Custom CRISPR Genome Editing

    ATCC now provides custom genome-editing services that span assay design to cell line development. We will work with you to develop a cell line that best meets your research needs.

    Parental Cell Lines

    Tumor Cell Panels
    Tumor Cells by Source Tissue
    Tumor Cells by Genetic Alteration

    ATCC offers a broad range of tumor cell lines and cell panels that are ideal for tumor biology studies, drug discovery applications, and high-throughput screening.