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Sexually Transmitted Infections

High quality materials to support the development of novel therapeutics, vaccines, and detection methods

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Breast cancer resources

Support your breast cancer research with cell lines and panels that represent oncologically relevant histological and molecular characteristics

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Reliable controls for reproductive cancer research

Enhance your drug development studies with cell lines derived from normal and diseased ovarian, cervical, and uterine tissue

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Endocrine disease research tools

Complement your endocrine disease research with cell lines and associated reagents that support the analysis of thyroid hormone disorders and osteoporosis

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Are you hungry for better gastrointestinal disease models?

Satisfy your appetite with authenticated enteric pathogens and cells derived from normal and cancerous tissues

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Need help with your cardiovascular disease research?

Strike at the heart of the problem with authenticated primary vascular endothelial cells, stem cells, and a growing collection of microbial pathogens

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Accelerating discoveries in women's health

Every year, millions of women worldwide are affected by a number of genetic and acquired diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, bone deterioration, endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal disease, and sexually transmitted infections.

To aid in ongoing women’s health research, ATCC provides:

  • Characterized microbial cultures isolated from clinical sources
  • Cell lines, primary cells, and stem cells representing normal and diseased tissues
  • Native nucleic acids isolated from microbial strains and cell lines
  • Synthetic nucleic acids containing clinically relevant gene sequences from difficult-to-culture microbial strains

ATCC microbial strains, cell lines, and nucleic acids provide you with the reliability of fully authenticated materials for the development of rapid detection methods, novel therapeutics, and preventative treatments. Let ATCC help you get your women’s health research moving faster with high-quality products and solutions!

Check out our resources for sexually transmitted infections, breast cancer, reproductive cancer, endocrine disease, gastrointestinal disease, and cardiovascular disease