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    ATCC® Number: ACS-4007

    Storage: -20°C
    Applications: Add to DMEM:F12 (ATCC® 30-2006™) to produce complete medium for hTERT Immortalized RPTEC cells (ATCC® CRL-4031™)

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    Comments: Each growth kit contains:
    PCS-999-058 5 ml RPTEC Supplement A
    PCS-999-059 10 ml RPTEC Supplement B

    Required but not supplied: G418 solution MUST be added to the above medium to a final concentration of 0.1 mg/mL G418 to maintain the selective pressure for immortalization 

    The hTERT immortalized RPTEC Growth Kit contains components that when added to DMEM:F12 (ATCC® 30-2006™) create a complete cell culture environment for hTERT immortalized RPTEC cells (ATCC® CRL-4031™). The final concentration for each growth kit component in the complete hTERT immortalized RPTEC growth medium is as follows:
    25 ng/mL Hydrocortisone
    3.5 µg/mL Ascorbic Acid
    8.65 ng/mL Sodium selenite
    5.0 µg/mL Transferrin
    5.0 µg/mL insulin
    5 pM Triiodo-L-thyronine
    25 ng/mL Prostaglandin E1
    10 ng/mL rhEGF
    1.2 µg/mL Sodium Bicarbonate 

    Note: Fetal Bovine Serum is not required for proliferation but may be added if it is desired to transfect the cells (final FBS concentration in complete medium is 0.2%).

  • ATCC Screening Fee (ATCC® ACS-2103)

    ATCC® Number: ACS-2103


    For commercial accounts, this cell line is only distributed under the terms of a fully signed and executed ATCC® Material Transfer Agreement and Addendum.  If the commercial account is screening per completed Addendum, the recipient will be required to pay a Screening Fee (ATCC® ACS-2103) of $4000.00. 

    Screening Use is defined as use of Biological Material in small molecule and biologic drug discovery, including initial target identification and validation, assay development, high throughput screening, hit identification, lead optimization, and selection of candidates for clinical development.

    If the commercial account is not screening per the completed Addendum, the recipient will not be required to pay a Screening Fee.

    For-Profit:   $4,000.00 Non-Profit:   $4,000.00

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