Biorepository Services SM

Our biorepository services are consistent with ATCC's practices for handling and storage of materials entrusted to ATCC since its founding in 1925.

With over 90 years’ experience focused solely on biomaterial services and management, we have the expertise to store and distribute biological materials worldwide. ATCC offers secure and reliable biological material management with temperature-controlled supply chain, 24/7 equipment monitoring, and on-call after-hours personnel. All of our materials are stored in tanks that are equipped with monitoring systems and 24-hour surveillance.

ATCC employee
  • We provide extensive support to customers needing cGMP compliant and non-cGMP Master Cell Banks (MCB) and Working Cell Banks (WCB). Engage us to produce your MCB and WCB and store and distribute to your global facility locations.
  • Offering long-term storage of biomaterials in a secure, controlled, and monitored environment
  • Our new biorepository allows the ability to store large banks of cells
  • Flexible storage choices, Offering short and long term storage of small or large scale specimens

Sample-box Freezer

  • Managing 23 million samples
  • Inventory management system to assure biomaterials are properly accounted for at all times

ATCC is your trusted source for storage needs, as we have a long history of safe, trouble-free operations in storing biological materials.

  • Both the cGMP compliant and the non-cGMP biorepository services offer secure and confidential storage of valuable materials.
  • All information concerning stored materials is retained in confidence and all rights to materials remain with the customer.
  • Biological material is available only to you or a third party that is designated in writing. We can ship worldwide, directly to you or to your specified third party.

Enhanced Features for cGMP-Compliant Storage

  • Dedicated and validated liquid nitrogen tanks, with access restricted to cGMP-trained staff with QA oversight.
  • For cGMP compliant storage, tracking labels will be supplied to ensure the proper segregation immediately upon receipt at ATCC.
  • Separate storage boxes for each cell bank or multiple banks in one box (depositor’s option). Only one customer per storage box.
  • Direct QA supervision of all tank entry and retrieval activities.

Global Distribution

cryo tankATCC has unparalleled experience in the packing and shipping of biological materials, with a dedicated staff of customer care representatives who handle phone and web contacts and a separate technical support staff, handling requests for technical assistance from our customers. ATCC can reliably ship your material worldwide. Our ability to provide material to the international community is supported by a network of distributors, or by direct shipment.
  • ATCC has knowledge of the regulations for all countries we ship to, including compliance with U.S. export and import requirements permits and licenses
  • We ship biological material to over 150 countries each year and move biomaterials efficiently and safely from our loading dock directly to our customers and distributors

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