Patent Depository Services and Fees

ATCC comprehensive patent services includes:
  • Pre-deposit assistance with forms and shipping
  • Assignment of inbound tracking numbers for quicker receipt of material
  • Notification of receipt
  • Certificate of Deposit and a minimum of 30 years of storage
  • One Viability test
  • Release of deposited material for distribution according to deposit rules
  • Monthly informing report to depositors of distribution of released materials
  • Regulatory compliance review for permits and distribution

The patent deposit service fee is $2,500.00 USD for each deposit.

ATCC additional patent services and fees Includes:
  • Summary of deposits upon request. A summary of deposits will include ATCC number, designation and deposit date, the fees are as follows:

    - A $100.00 service fee for report of 25 deposits or less
    - For summary requests of more than 25 deposits, please contact ATCC patent depository for a quote

  • Return of deposited material to depositor for shipping and handling fee only
  • Additional copies of viability and deposit certificates are available upon request, the fees are as follows:

    - A $75.00 service fee for two non-certified copies - A $100.00 service fee for two certified copies

  • Destruction of deposited materials, the fee is as follows:

    - A $50.00 service fee for each patent deposit

Additional patent deposit services are subject to additional fees. Please contact our Patent Depository if you have any questions.