Safe Deposit Services

Our safe deposit services are consistent with ATCC's practices for handling and storage of materials entrusted to ATCC since its founding in 1925.

Whether you are a scientist trying to find a secure storage space for your research material or a pharmaceutical lab manager trying to outsource your lab’s biorepository work, we can provide you with a suite of biorepository storage and distribution services.

  • cGMP
  • non-cGMP
Why use ATCC for safe deposit?

Both the cGMP and non-cGMP Safe Deposit Services offer secure, confidential storage of valuable materials.

  • Our facility is specially designed for large-capacity storage of cell lines, microorganisms, and other biological materials.
  • ATCC has a long history of safe, trouble-free operation in storage of biological materials.
  • All materials are stored in units equipped with monitoring systems and 24-hour surveillance to safeguard stored material.


  • All rights to materials remain with the customer.
  • All information concerning stored materials is retained in confidence.
  • Material is available only to the customer or the customer's designated third party.

Enhanced features for cGMP safe deposits

  • Dedicated and validated liquid nitrogen tank, with access restricted to cGMP-trained staff with QA oversight.
  • Tracking labels for your shipment to ensure segregation of cGMP materials immediately upon receipt at ATCC.
  • Separate storage boxes for each cell bank or multiple banks in one box (depositor's option). Only one customer per storage box.
  • Direct QA supervision of all tank entry and retrieval activities.
  • Dedicated and trained staff.

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