Nucleic Acids


If you can’t find the nucleic acids that you need from ATCC catalog products currently available, ask ATCC to make it for you! Small-scale quantities of nucleic acids from ATCC Genuine Cultures® are ideal for PCR, cloning or other molecular applications. If your research requires larger quantities of nucleic acids, we can grow, extract and purify nucleic acids from most ATCC cultures. Please contact for more information.

Small-scale product description:
  • Small-scale (1 µg-10 µg) of DNA or RNA isolated from Animal Cell Lines in the ATCC Cell Biology collection
  • Small-scale (50 ng-2 µg) of DNA isolated from most Bacterial strains in the ATCC Bacteriology collection
♦ Turn-around Time: 7-10 days

♦ Yield:
  • DNA and RNA from Animal Cell lines: ≥1 µg
  • DNA from Bacterial cells: ~ 200 ng
♦ Release Testing:
  • DNA concentration is measured by PicoGreen®. DNA integrity is assessed by agarose gel electrophoresis
  • RNA is tested for concentration and integrity on an Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer
♦ Biosafety Level (BSL):
  • Custom nucleic acids ship at the BSL of the parental organism
  • Viability testing is available for an additional fee

Please contact for more information.

Larger- scale quantities (µg to mg quantities):