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Testimonials for Custom Services

It was very easy for me to prepare the STR sample, since I was only spotting my cells onto FTA paper. I was satisfied with delivery time. It took only 1 week to receive a result of STR by email. I used 2 kits for 2 cell lines, both of which are provided from other laboratories. As results, one was matched A cell line with 100% and the other was B cell line with 87%. My B cell line has been passaged many times that may be occurring gene drift etc. so I felt that it is important to perform STR for own cell lines regularly.

- Dr. Toru Kiyono (MD, PhD)
Chief, division of Carcinogenesis and Cancer Prevention, National Cancer Center Research Institute

Chordoma Foundation Logo

Our partnership with ATCC has simplified and accelerated the way we get new chordoma cell lines to researchers. Their professional staff has demonstrated a high level of sensitivity to the quality control issues unique to our disease. By eliminating one of the key barriers standing in the way of medical progress – lack of valid cell lines – interest in and support for chordoma research is growing.

- Patty Cogswell, Chordoma Foundation

The Rare Cancer Research Foundation Logo

"The high standards of authentication, preservation & distribution are key reasons we’ve chosen to partner with ATCC to preserve & distribute rare cancer cell lines. The responsive and collaborative nature of our interactions have provided a strong basis for a long-term partnership between ATCC and the Rare Cancer Research Foundation (RCRF)."

- Barbara Van Hare, Director of Foundation Partnerships,
The Rare Cancer Research Foundation