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ATCC item no. CRL-5928 morphology and growth
What is the normal morphology and growth of ATCC® CRL-5928 ™?

These cells adhere and grow as small connecting clusters of epithelial-like cells.  Initially, some moderate to heavy suspension of cells and debris is present.  As they grow more confluent, the adhered cell groups will increase in density and form a monolayer. 

Under culture conditons used at the ATCC, when a T75 flask is initiated at a 1:15 dilution, the cells reach approximately 40% confluence after 6 days of incubation, during which time fresh media is added.  After 6 days, the medis is changed completely and the cells are re-incubated at 37C.  After an additional 4 days, the cells are apprxoimately 70-80% confluent and can be sub-cultured to three T75 flasks.


Date Created02/10/2014 12:46 PM
Date Updated02/10/2014 12:53 PM

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