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Controls and Derivatives

ATCC designs and produces external controls and derivatives in a variety of formats to verify, validate, and/or routinely monitor the performance of workflows and assays. We custom extract, produce and purify related biologicals such as both qualitative and quantitated nucleic acids, and provide alternative formats such as cell pellets, formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples and inactivated microbial strains, which can be used as whole process controls for molecular assays.

Material Inactivation

Heat and chemically inactivated microbial controls for use in assays and development work

Matrix standards

ATCC materials provided as a spiked standard in a matrix of your choice

Microbial panels

Enable faster, more intelligent choices when selecting cultures for microbial-based disease research.

ATCC Genuine® Cultures

Backed by meticulous laboratory procedures and over 85 years of experience

Nucleic Acids

Ideal for PCR, cloning or other molecular applications

What we offer:
Inactivated Microbial Strains
  • Custom inactivation of bacterial, fungal, viral, & protist strains
  • Fully intact, whole genome, non-viable
  • Inactivation is tested and a COA is provided
  • Mimics a clinical specimen; use in the same protocols as clinical samples
  • Qualitative or quantitative format
  • Both pre- & post-inactivation quantitation available by Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR™)
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Microbial Quantitation Solutions
  • Titering, qPCR, & ddPCR™
  • TCID50, CEID50, PFU, CFU/mL, IFU, cells/mL, genome copy numbers
  • Viral quantification
  • Bacterial & fungal quantification
  • Cell density of protist cells (cells/mL)
  • Flexible solutions & formats
Nucleic Acids
  • Genomic nucleic acids extracted from ATCC cell lines & microbial strains
  • Custom production of synthetic & native microbial nucleic acids
  • Small- & large-scale extractions
  • Qualitative & quantitative formats
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Biological Controls From Cell Cultures
  • Used to verify and routinely monitor the performance of workflows & assays
  • Over 3,800 ATCC catalog cell cultures
  • Nucleic acids: DNA and RNA
  • Alternative formats:
    • Cell pellets
    • FFPE blocks
    • Scrolls
    • Slides
Biological Controls From Microbial Strains
  • Used to verify and routinely monitor the performance of workflows & assays
  • Over 85,000 ATCC catalog microbial strains
  • Over 1,000 nucleic acid preparations
  • Custom nucleic acids
  • Both small- & large-scale production of bacterial DNA, fungal DNA, protist DNA, viral DNA & RNA
  • Qualitative & quantitative formats
  • Native & synthetic nucleic acids
NGS & Microbiome Controls
  • Mock microbial communities that mimic mixed metagenomic samples
  • For optimization of metagenomic workflows, assay development, & daily run controls for molecular assays
  • Provides reliable, comparative data while improving assay consistency
  • Prepared from fully sequenced, characterized ATCC Genuine Cultures
  • Strain selection based on relevant phenotypic & genotypic attributes
    • Gram stain
    • GC content
    • Genome size
    • Spore formation
  • Whole cell & genomic material available
  • Staggered & even mix material offered
  • Custom preparations now available
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Why develop microbial controls and derivatives with ATCC?
  • ATCC's full line of services lets us be a single partner for both development and production.
  • Our competence as a reference material supplier is certified under ISO Guide 17034.
  • Our Quality Management System is ISO 13485 certified. We provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.
  • We have a deep wealth of knowledge and many years of experience providing similar services to the industry.
  • We are one of the world’s leading collection centers for cells and microbes.
  • We handle BSL-grade material.
  • We are a resource center for standards and controls.