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Q & A Inter-laboratory validation of mouse STR markers

  1. Will we be able to download the presentation?

    This presentation will be available to watch on demand on the ATCC website

  2. Will singleplex reactions be available if issues are encountered for particular markers?

    If there is a problem with a marker and everyone has that issue, we will look into it and try to resolve the problem. We have individual primers for all of the STR markers, and we can run monoplex reactions if needed.

  3. Have you calculated the mean +1/-1 stutter for each locus?

    We have not. We have profiles that we’ve run several times on a lot of the different cell lines and I have the stutter associated with those individual samples, but not compiled for each locus. We plan to have more characterization in the future.

  4. Have any strains shown microsatellite instability?

    I haven’t seen that in the cell lines that I’ve run. That is something that we will look at into the future.

  5. Do you see much drift on highly passaged lines?

    I haven’t, but I’ve only looked at high passages for NIH 3T3 and L929 cell lines (out to passage 45). This is a great question because it’s not unusual for mouse cell lines to show genetic drift after many passages.

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