Environmental testing

Benefit from over 85 years experience in the identification, propagation, preservation, quality control, and distribution of biological materials. ATCC offers a wide selection of microbial cultures used in environmental research and testing, providing the top-quality microbial strains needed to maintain outstanding Quality Control programs.
Deinococcus radiodurans, Alex Vasilenko PhD, USUHS Bethesda MD

Bioremediation and Environmental Testing

ATCC houses a variety of microbiological strains for use in environmental testing and bioremediation of contaminated soil and industrial waste sites.
Nostoc a nitrogenfixing cyanobacterium LM

Extremophiles for Environmental Testing

ATCC offers a variety of extremophiles for use in environmental testing; these include archaea, halophiles, acidophiles, thermophiles, psychrophiles, and alkaliphiles.
E. coli, Charles farmer, CDC

Reference Strains for Environmental Testing

ATCC provides multiple reference strains for validating methods, establishing sensitivity, and challenging assay performance during environmental testing procedures.