ATCC offers a targeted array of products for keratinocyte culture, including media and supplements that will support serum-free (although not animal-derived component free) cell culture conditions.
Keratinocytes Adult PD P5 19

Epidermal Keratinocytes, Adult

Keratinocytes isolated from adult human skin are significant in the study of diseases such as psoriasis and skin cancer. Keratinocytes cultured in serum-free, low calcium growth medium will maintain the cells in an un-differentiated, proliferative state while inhibiting fibroblast outgrowth.
High density

Epidermal Keratinocytes, Neonatal

Keratinocytes isolated from human neonatal foreskin are one of the most utilized cultures in cell research. Applications include the study of growth factor behavior, wound healing, toxicity/irritancy studies, and use as target cells for derivation of induced pluripotent stem cells.