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BioEscrow® Deposit

ATCC's BioEscrow® deposit provides neutral, third-party assistance for the exchange of proprietary biological materials, information or technology as part of license agreements or other proprietary arrangements. Our service helps eliminate and mitigate potentially risky elements of the technology transfer process to the licensing parties when biological materials are involved.

BioEscrow deposit provides:
  • Security
  • Confidentiality
  • ISO and cGMP compliant storage facilities
  • Auditable
  • Neutral third-party oversight
  • Added level of intellectual property protection
Why use ATCC’s BioEscrow Deposit Services?
BioEscrow Hexagons

Security: Ensures that the integrity of the materials, protocols, and procedures are kept safe and are made available under the terms of the agreement; particularly due to unforeseeable circumstances or events that are uncontrollable by the licensees.

Contract Breach: Reduces the liability of all contracting parties by protecting materials, data, and related technology against breach of contract.

Legal Disputes: Provides a neutral third party as witness in case of legal disputes.

Regulatory Compliance: Materials and documentation are managed under ISO guidelines for documentation control. All materials are stored under strict industry storage standards, allowing either party to perform an audit.

Multi-Party Agreement: Preserves intellectual property and rights among multiple inventors when a biological material is co-developed by two or more organizations under a multi-party agreement.

Controlled Access: Allows controlled access to materials and data on a need-to-know basis prior to technology patenting.

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