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Nucleic acid quantitation by ddPCRTM method

Droplet Digital polymerase chain reaction (ddPCR™) is useful for various applications, including absolute nucleic acid quantification, target DNA measurement, viral load analysis, microbial quantification, rare mutation detection, gene expression, and microRNA analysis.

Service Description:
  • Utilizing reference sequences provided by you, we will develop and optimize primers and probes for use in ddPCR™ for your target
  • Optimize ddPCR™ conditions for your target
  • Perform genome copy number assessments using ddPCR™ assays on target samples
  • Each sample will be run in duplicate
  • Two independent ddPCR™ runs will be performed per target

Deliverables: An electronic report for each sample containing the genome copy numbers, as determined by ddPCR™ assessment.

Disclaimer: Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR™) is a trademark of Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.