Direct & Indirect Culture Mycoplasma Testing

The direct culture method uses both broth and agar. This permits isolation of cultivable strains as apparent by the appearance of characteristic mycoplasma colonies on the agar medium.

  • Two agars and one broth tube are inoculated for each sample
  • Samples are incubated and subcultured on days 3, 7, and 14 after inoculation
  • Results are read separately by two individuals after 14 days of incubation

The indirect culture method makes use of the binding properties of fluorochrome Hoechst DNA stain. The stain will bind the DNA of mycoplasma and infected organisms can be easily detected using a microscope equipped with appropriate fluorescence optics.

  • Prepare sample and culture medium
  • Prepare DNA stain and fixative solutions
  • Stain chamber slides
  • Read slides (Results are read separately by two individuals

Result Type: Qualitative (Yes/No)

ATCC Catalog Number: 119-X
List Price: $279.00 per sample

Mycoplasma testing requires scheduling.

In the meantime, learn how to submit your samples for testing: Procedure for Submitting Cell Cultures for Mycoplasma Testing